Medium voltage capacitors
The advanced technology of Scheeberger's high voltage capacitors HVPC series is based on a modern construction with improved electrical and mechanical connections between the individual sections.

Scheeberger offers the established All-Film technology, impregnated with environmentally-compatible insulating oil up to 16.500 V as well as the oilfree SD Dry technology up to 12.000 V.

Scheeberger's capacitors are engineered to compensate for power factor correction of electric networks and industrial equipment. If the required voltages exceed the nominative voltage of individual capacitors,these are conducted in the bank of capacitors using series circuit.
Protection is provided in accordance with national requirements.
Dielectric Housing material
All-Film Primed or painted steel
Impregnating fluid Rated voltage
Ecologically-friendly impregnating oil based One-phase capacitors up to 16,500 V
on M/DBT (free of PCB) Three-phase capacitors up to 12,000 V
Discharge resistance Rated current
The integrated discharge resistance discharges Maximum 110 A
the switched-off capacitor from the operating current Rated output
to 75 V in a maximum of 10 minutes Up to 600 kVAr / 50 Hz or 720 kVAr / 60 Hz
(discharge to 50 V in 5 minutes on request) Power loss
Protection Total loss <0.15 W/ kVAr
Installation of internal fuses required by customer Dialectric loss 0.07 W/ kVAr
Terminals Maximum permissible overload capacity
M14 Maximum constant voltageoverload capacity
Earthing 1.3 x Un max.
Earthing via unpainted brackets Constant current overload capacity
Assembly 1.1 x In
Vertically or horizontally 20 |
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