The cost of upgrading the software is high, but it is necessary because it minimizes the entire life-cycle cost of production. Proper investment planning and lifecycle management ensure a lower total cost of ownership.
Challenges: software support, reducing total cost of ownership, investment planning
The system needs to be upgraded regularly to avoid the risk of software expiration, such as vulnerabilities that are vulnerable to malware and viruses. Due to the need for more costly resources and the lack of software support, maintaining expired software also requires higher maintenance costs.
Solution: The Scheeberger Think System works with you to develop software upgrades that meet your system's needs, enabling you to make software upgrades cost-effectively each year.
With continuous upgrades, up-to-date software features are quickly and regularly available. The one-size-fits-all, one-off upgrade that is the reverse of this approach will lead to the unavailability of new productivity-enhancing technologies before the next major upgrade, and the new capabilities required must wait for a major upgrade

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