CFK - Power Factor Controller
The CFRP Intellectual Reactive Compensation Controller is a novel instrument for the distribution of data, reactive compensation and the analysis of electricity system parameters. It is suitable for inspection, blind compensation or smoothing control of 0.4 kV, 50 Hz low-voltage power distribution system.

Human-computer interface: 

It is fully digital design and high brightness LCD display, which can show voltage, current, power factor, reactive power, active power, harmonics.

Height Automation: 

The program design is simple and practical. If it is in automatic mode, no manual intervention is required, then it is automatically terminated in case of error. The parameters are permanently retained and are not influenced by switching off.

Fault diagnosis: 

It has a dynamic self-checking function and the controller can control the parameter error internally. After it has automatically turned off the capacitor, it will alarm and self-timed. After the error has been corrected, it is automatically restored.

Specific parameters

Working voltage:  Measurement Accuracy: 
AC440V Voltage±0.5% Current:±0.5% Power ±1% Power factors±1%
Altitude:  Control Output: 
≤3000m Relay contact 5A/250V(static) 12V 30mA/circuit(dynamic)
Storage temperature: Reliability: 
-25°C~+70°C mean time to failure 25000 hours
Working temperature:  Output number:
-20°C~+60°C 12/16/18/21
Protection level:  Specification: 
Front panel IP54/Back panel IP20 Refer to the mannual book for more details

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