KFK Power Capacitor
The new low voltage capacitor of KFK series is a new generation of self-healing type explosion-proof capacitor produced by cheeberger Industrietechnik. It adopts advanced self-healing metal polypropylenefilm and high-strength aluminum housing to ensure the stability andreliability of performance and quality; the new non - toxic,non - leakage resin especially designed for dry type capacitor is used asthe filling material, which is more environment-friendly and safe.

Self-healing type: 

It adopts the new material with self-healing function as soon as the breakdown of the voltage occurs, at the breakdown point high temperature is generated due to the arc, so that metal conductors can quickly dissipate and evaporate, thus forming an insulating area.


It uses the latest technology to make the capacitor smaller, lighter to meet users' needs for the room.

Overvoltage Protection:

If the overvoltage occurs or the life of the capacitors approaches, the internal pressure of the condenser will increase and the pressure relief mechanism of the housing will be deformed, then the internal metal wire should be cut off to avoid overheating. caused by overload and even explode.

Rated voltage Max. casing temperature
See selection list 65 °C
Rated frequency Life time
50 / 60 Hz 250.000 operating hours (KFKplus)
Rated output 130.000 operating hours (KFK)
± 5 %, see selection list Max. permissible relative humidity
Rated current ≤ 95 %
See selection list Operating altitude
Max. allowable operating voltage 4000 m above sea level at rated operation
1,0 x Un permanent Mounting position
1,1 x Un 8 h daily Optional
1,15 x Un 30 minutes daily Installation/Application
1,2 x Un 200 x 5 minutes Indoor
1,3 x Un 200 x 1 minute Dielectric
Max. allowable operating current Polypropylene film
1,5 x In permanent (up to 15,9 kVAr) Impregnation
2,0 x In permanent (from 15,9 kVAr) High purity gas, Non-SF6, Non-PCB
Max. allowable inrush current Cooling / Heating
≤ 400 In Naturally air cooled
Insulation level Lowest temperature rise of comp.
Un ≤ 660 V; 3/- kV (10 sec) with competitors (45 °C)
Un > 660 V; 6/- kV (10 sec) Discharging / Terminals
Voltage test (terminal – terminal) Discharge resistors at the terminals
2,15 x Un (AC), (2 sec) 3 Resistors with 120 Ω, delta connected
Protection degree Discharge time < 60 s (75 V)
IP20 Protected, bi-directional terminal
Loss Safety
≤ 0,25 W / kVAr (without discharging resistors) Dry technology
≤ 0,15 W / kVAr dielectric 3-phase Expansion fuse
Temperature limits Finger proof terminal
Temperature class D Self healing
+ 55 °C max. limit (short time) Expansion max. 12 mm
+ 45 °C max. average within 24 h Minimum distance top 13 mm
+ 35 °C max. average within 1 year Terminal
- 40 °C low limit Contact distance 13 mm
Test Terminal clamp M 5
Continual test and comparison Terminal height 35 mm
in authorized test laboratory Torque 2,5 Nm
Individual check, 100 % testing Mounting
Standards Stud on Bottom
IEC 60831 part 1, 2 Stud M 12, height 12 mm
EN 60831 part 1, 2 Torque 10 Nm
DIN VDE 0560, part 46, 47 Toothed washer J12 DIN 6797
Hex nut BM12 DIN 439

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