DFK Filter Reactor
DFK series low voltage filter reactor is made up of high quality framework of tran-sformer and high-purity copper line. Between layers, the high quality German insulation paper is used as isolation layer and the iron core adopt the high quality silicon steel.The installation parts use the environment protective galvanized workpiece.

Low noise and low energy consumption:

DFK series iron core is made of high quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. After high-speed punching, product is smooth on the edge and unified in rules to ensure low temperature rising and low noise when the reactor is operating

High reliability:

In the assembly process of the reactor, all clamps are treated with anti-corrosion material, key clamps use the non-magnetic material and undergo pre-baking, vacuum impregnation, baking and curing processes to make the reactor coil and iron core firmly merged together. In this way, it is able to effectively improve the quality factor of the reactor and reduce the harmonic effect


The outer dimension of the reactor is designed according to the standard cabinet which is in small dimension and convenient for wiring.Moreover, it saves the cabinet cost of users.

Specific parameter

Technical standard:  Reactance deviation: 
VDE 0550/0532 ≤±3%
Rated voltage: Noise: 
AC 400V                ≤45dB
Pressure rating: Temperature-rising coil: 
5kV/min                     ≤85K/Iron core≤75K
Insulation grade:  Operating temperature:
B grade,F grade,H grade            -25°C~+50°C
Relative humidity Over current:
≤95%RH          ≤1.35In
Altitude Filtering efficiency: 
≤3000m                          30%~60%
No severe vibration and shock No conductive dust         Reactance rate:

Low voltage reactor and capacitor are connected in series to make a low voltage reactive power compensation device. The system can provide reactive power compensation, power factor, reduce the energy loss of line and transformer, at the same time, it also plays the role of voltage support.

Low voltage reactor and capacitor are connected in series to make a low voltage reactive power compensation device. In the compensation of reactive power, it can absorb a large number of harmonics, greatly reducing the electrical loss, improve power quality, purify the power grid and ensure the safe-operation of the power grid.

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