CFG series Silicon Controlled Switch
CFG series silicon controlled switch is electronic power components which can realize fast switching of the shunt capacitor. The control signal of the control circuit and controller adopt the photoelectric isolation so as to avoid disturbance. When the controller sends out switching signal, the thyristor is conducted or intercepted so as to input or switch the corresponding capacitor

High speed real-time compensation:

It adopts the advanced technology of SCR to replace the traditional electromagnetic contactor operation and it is also collocated with advanced compensation instrument especially designed for high speed on-off control. The thyristor control can easily reach 20ms within the investment compensation rate to meet the operati-onal requirements of any operation in pursuit of the ideal of reactive power compensation.

Extending the lifetime of the capacitors:

Because of the above excellent properties of zero-crossing switching, even it is at high-speed and frequent operation, the capacitor can still avoid the damage of insulation material caused by the traditional splitting-inrush transient, thereby affecting the service life.

No input inrush current:

It makes use of superior precision “zero crossing switching” controller, All capacitors are only input when the capacitor residual voltage is equal and synchronous to the system voltage, so there is no general common contactor, Because of inrush current caused by difference of  voltage, it avoids transient arc and its damage when the capacitor is input.

Specific parameter

Control capacity:  Rated voltage: 
30\40\50\60\80\100\120Kvar 220V
Rated frequency:  Control terminal voltage:
50HZ DC12V current 30mA
Vibration condition:  Operating temperature:
≤0.6g -20°C~+50°C
Relative humidity:  Altitude: 
≤95%RH ≤3000m

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